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Sep 2018
Muhammad Ali’s Rolls Royce going for auction

This 1970 Rolls-Royce convertible once owned by Muhammad Ali is now up for sale at auction.   There are certain cars that belong in museums. There’s the original Batmobile, the Pope-mobile, and various other mobiles belonging to various celebrities, and of course there’s the original Ford Model T. But rarely does the public get to […]

Sep 2018
The upcoming Ford Mach 1

Ford has released a teaser image of its electric SUV the “Mach 1”. The SUV, which resembles a sort of Mustang-based crossover, is part of Ford’s big push into the electric vehicle market. Ford said in a tweet: “Inspired by the iconic Ford Mustang, here’s a sneak peek of our new all-electric global performance utility […]

Sep 2018
A 100K Lincoln Navigator?

For the first time ever, Lincoln is releasing a $100,000 Lincoln Navigator Full Size SUV! Normally a modest price hike wouldn’t be big news, but this one is pretty significant for Lincoln. The Black Label trim now includes 30-way power front seats as standard for the 2019 model year, raising the base price by around […]

Sep 2018
Upcoming Cadillac Halo

Cadillac will align its product portfolio and get its business operations in line before releasing a “halo vehicle,” according to brand President Johan de Nysschen. That means consumers and dealers will have to wait until after 2022 for such a vehicle — following the completion of Cadillac’s previously announced product shift to three cars, three […]

Sep 2018
Japan wants to make ‘Flying Cars’ possible

While Subaru concentrates on the ‘car’ part, Boeing will work on the aviation technology required to lift them up from the ground and make ‘flying cars’ a reality. On the other hand, Uber will help commercialize such vehicles by providing a platform for the public to use them as a mode of transport.      […]

Sep 2018
Mercedes Benz unveils the EQC

The German automaker said the electric car would go 200 miles on a single charge from its 80-kilowatt-hour battery pack. Now, Mercedes-Benz said to scrap that figure. Green Car Reports reported Wednesday the EQC’s initial range estimate is “incorrect,” according to Mercedes-Benz product and technology public relations manager Michael Minielly. In a statement, Minielly said, “Our […]

Sep 2018
2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Review

Even though the FJ Cruiser shares its platform with the Toyota 4Runner, it has its own unique look that speaks to the FJ Cruisers of the past with an upright square design language, round headlights, white rooftop, spare tire mounted on the back, and rear wraparound windows. The Toyota FJ’s interior also reflects much of the […]

Sep 2018
Prince Charles buys an Electric Car

He’s famously converted his vintage Aston Martin to run on bioethanol fuel made from waste wine and whey, while his involvement in various charities and groups focused on such issues is well known. For his first all-electric car, Charles has opted for a color that is his all-time favorite, a special type of blue known as Loire blue. This […]

Sep 2018
2019 Maserati Levante GTS Hands On

The 2019 Maserati Levante GTS, a near-exotic 5-passenger crossover SUV with deep Ferrari genes percolating under the hood. In a word, the company has finally created the Maserati of SUVs — a little GT backed by a lot of power. V8 power steals the show, V8 power is the show We don’t imagine that Maserati Levante posters […]

Sep 2018
BMW will debut Full-Size X7 Crossover in October

BMW will reveal a production-ready X7 full-size luxury crossover in mid-October. A company spokesperson confirmed the release window via email when asked about trademark filings for potential X7 variants such as the iX7 and X8. This rules out a previous report of a November world debut at the 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show. The finalized X7 design and its […]