WJB WA512187 – Rear Wheel Hub Bearing Assembly.

The exhaust system consists of pipes, a catalytic converter, muffler, and tailpipe, responsible for expelling harmful gases, reducing noise, and controlling emissions from the engine.


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The Steering System in a Vehicle


The steering system in a vehicle is a sophisticated ensemble of components, each contributing to the crucial task of allowing the driver to dictate the vehicle’s direction. While various types of steering systems exist, such as rack-and-pinion and recirculating ball steering systems, they share common principles, albeit with unique designs and components specific to different vehicle models and manufacturers.


Crucial Components of the Steering System:


  • Steering Wheel: As the primary interface between the driver and the vehicle’s steering, the steering wheel is often a circular device that empowers the driver to manipulate the front wheels. It is intricately linked to the steering column.
  • Steering Column: The steering column serves as the vital connection between the steering wheel and the steering gear or rack. It acts as the conduit through which the driver’s input is transmitted from the steering wheel to the steering gear.
  • Power Steering Pump: In modern vehicles, many steering systems incorporate power steering to reduce the effort required for steering. The power steering pump is a hydraulic marvel responsible for generating the hydraulic pressure needed to assist the driver in maneuvering the vehicle with ease.

How the Steering System Operates:


When the driver turns the steering wheel, this motion travels through the steering column to the steering gear or rack. The steering gear or rack, a pivotal component, transforms the rotational input from the driver into linear motion, effectively directing the position of the vehicle’s front wheels. If the vehicle is equipped with power steering, the power steering pump plays a pivotal role by applying hydraulic pressure to alleviate the physical effort required for steering.

The steering system harmoniously combines these components, offering precise control over the vehicle’s trajectory and ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. In an era of constant advancements in steering technology, modern vehicles deliver not only responsive handling but also enhanced driver comfort, transforming every journey into an enjoyable and effortless experience.


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Brand Ford
Model Name Ford6axsriubv2
Compatible Devices Playstation 3, PC, Xbox One, Android
Controller Type Steering Parts
Connectivity Technology USB
Package Dimensions 4.17 x 11.42 x 11.42 inches
Manufacturer recommended age 6 months and up
Manufacturer Ford