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Posted on - 08 May 2024

An email was the fresh new tech that businesses capitalized on for years. With the more recent arrival of bulk text messaging to customers and the latest arrival of MMS messaging – text messaging is the best new way to contact customers and engage with new leads quickly. While email is still widely used by businesses, only 1 in 5 emails is ever opened, but 95% of text messages are read within 3 minutes.

91% of Americans have their mobile device within reach 24/7, and an estimated 81% of Americans have a smartphone, making MMS messaging another great way to engage with leads and customers.

Here are six reasons why text messaging is the communication tool of choice for consumers.

1. People are busy, but not too busy to shop!

75% of consumers are comfortable receiving SMS messages from brands with special offers, coupons or promotions. With mobile predicted to dominate online sales in 2024, create an offer that stands out (MMS messaging) and optimize your website for mobile; making it easy for consumers to shop, purchase and have their questions quickly answered.

2. Email isn’t what it used to be.

On average, a person receives 121 emails a day, and typically sends at least 40. Want to increase your engagement rate? Don’t get buried in emails! 79% of Americans have made a purchase online and over 50% have made that purchase using a mobile device. With bulk texting technology, reach those consumers quickly and easily.

3. Convenience.

We can get groceries, dinner, incidentals, cars, books, TVs, furniture, even cars, delivered to our doorstep with a quick click on our phone. Send a bulk text to consumers creating a sense of urgency with a limited time offer, picture of the product and a “buy now” button.

4. Increase positive reviews.

77% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of a company that offers SMS. Text your happy customers after they have purchased from your company to write a review – it’s quick and 76% of consumers that are asked to leave a review will write one.

5. Time is money.

67% of people would rather text with a business about appointments and scheduling instead of  emailing or calling. Adding AI text-to-chat features to your Facebook page, website etc., gives your business the ability to automate these tasks, allowing your team to focus on other duties.

6. Your customers will like you more.

Providing additional options for communication makes you look good! With AI Chat, including text messaging, your business can be open and respond to consumers 24/7. This can increase your engagement rates by 8x. Trust us; your customers want to text.

Bonus Tip: Make sure you have technology that can engage with people who respond to your messages so they can get answers and take the next step in the customer journey quickly and easily.

Car Dealer Now understands that adding another technology tool to any workforce can be stressful, and text messaging each customer separately can be downright daunting. We make it easy with our consumer engagement tools including Power Text, and AI-powered assistants. Your business will increase engagement, sales, and positive online reviews, as well as keep customers happy by making it easy to contact your business, schedule appointments, or get support.

Learn more about Car Dealer Now’s Power Text here and get a 10-min demo today!