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Posted on - 05 May 2024

The end of the year is really the best time to be a car owner, just as the popular belief goes. During the last weeks of the year, there are numerous advertisements for more favorable deals than in other months. Even people with bad credit can find a good deal during this time. When such people need to get a loan for a new or used car, they fill out information on a website that links them to car dealerships. The salesman then calls the individual and lets them know about the new and used cars they qualify to own.

Information acquired from the website indicates potential buyers who are referred to as leads. These buy new car leads are crucial for marketing companies and dealerships alike.

Why is it the best time to buy a car?

According to AutoTrader, the end of the year is really the best time of the year to buy a new car.  Leads from Car Dealer Now have helped dealerships nationwide with their end of year sales.

Across the U.S., there are usually low temperatures that prevent buyers from venturing out to showrooms or going to search for cars. And then, most potential buyers are buying holiday tours, presents, and gifts instead of cars.

Automobile manufacturers want to have sold out their current model year, hence they have to make sure that they close as many deals to introduce new model years to replace the outgoing ones. Any car dealer would not want to have a 2018 model at their showrooms in 2019. They will definitely push for the 2018 models to get cleared out of inventory. This is where Car Dealer Now comes into play. They are extremely crucial in identifying car buyers to reach the model year goals. Dealerships in return will buy new car leads to find the right car buyer to purchase from their 2018 inventory.

Another reason is the sales target set by automakers. With only a few weeks for the year to end, automakers introduce stronger incentives and better deals to enable them to reach their sales target.

Are special holiday offers really special?

Most offers are special, for one or more of the reasons we stated above. As the cars were easier to sell before, then there was no need for special deals – and the cars might not be available after the last few weeks of the year.

If you are comfortable with an outgoing model year, December holiday offers might be the best ever.

Is it wise to buy?

Yes, if one is at ease with owning an outbound model year, isn’t afraid of some little cold weather and isn’t intent on buying all the holiday gifts in the world. This is the time to sign up, become a new car lead, and wait to get limitless offers to choose from.